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Vitrectomy surgery is performed in the operating room setting under sterile conditions. Vitrectomy means “removal of vitreous,” the clear jelly like substance that fills the inner portion of the eye. In addition to performing vitrectomy for the repair of retinal detachment, vitrectomy surgery may be performed in patients with severe diabetic eye disease who have suffered vision loss secondary to intraocular bleeding and an accumulation of scar tissue formation that may cause localized retinal detachment. A smaller subset of individuals, who have unusual retinal anatomic considerations, may experience a poor clinical response to conventional intraocular drug therapy for their diabetic macular swelling. These patients may benefit significantly from vitrectomy surgery. Dr. Cohen and Dr. Kanter will discuss with you and your family at length, and demonstrate to you with your own retinal photographs, scans, and imaging, all of your appropriate surgical options, so that you may make a careful and informed decision in planning your surgical intervention.