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The diagnosis and monitoring of retinal diseases requires a complete eye examination where the pupils are dilated with eye drops. You may experience a temporary change in vision and sensitivity to light, so you may wish to bring a pair of sunglasses to wear after the visit. One or more tests may need to be performed to help your treating physician assess the retina and macula (the central portion of the retina).

Our Diagnostic Testing Includes:

Flourescein Angiography/ICG

Flourescein AngiographyLaser imaging is sparking renewed interest in ICG angiography. Instead of the cloudy images traditionally associated with ICG, the confocal laser excites the dye, avoids the scattered light from flash photography, and produces images of stunning clarity.

TopCon Fundus Photos

UltrasoundDigital fundus photography is often used to photograph any abnormalities in order to carefully study any change in the appearance of a patient’s retina and macula over time.

Zeiss OCT

Zeiss OCTOur retina eye practice offers imaging and advanced image analysis to support daily decision making in routine retina exams, diabetic retinopathy and vascular disease, dry and wet forms of age-related macular degeneration, central serous retinopathy, and vitreoretinal interface disorders.

Ultrasound (B scan)

TopCon Fundus PhotosUltrasound is a non-invasive test and is not associated with pain or side effects. It is most often used to diagnose eye pathology including tumors, especially when visualization to the interior structures is poor due to media opacities.